Identify Your Burning Desire

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Some of us walk through life without thinking where we are heading. Looking around it seems as though others are achieving their goals while we are stuck in a rut. One of the big differences between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t are that successful people have a road map. They know where they are heading. They have a burning desire.

When anyone wants to make changes in their life they HAVE to identify what they want to change and where they want to land. They identify their burning desire.

Believe it or not everyone has a burning desire. Even if you haven’t yet identified it, you have a burning desire. The trick is to learn how to identify what will motivate you past the challenges in life and over the obstacles in order to achieve your goal. It is time to stop wasting time. It is time to see yourself in a position of power and growth and not envious of those around you who seem to be able to achieve your goals effortlessly.

The Law of Attraction made a huge splash in the media several years ago with the release of the movie “The Secret”. In the movie, several well-known personal development experts and marketing experts talked about how to manifest your desires in a very real way in your life. There may have been a few things that were not well identified and explained but for the most part the movie was an excellent portrayal of The Law of Attraction, as far as it goes.

And, in order to achieve your goals and manifest success in your life these teachers helped the watchers to understand that it took a burning desire and understanding your ultimate goals in order to have this success.

So how do you identify what it is that will push you over the hump, through the obstacles and around the challenges? In some cases individuals are able to identify their ultimate motivating factor without question. But, for the majority of us, we must start from a different perspective and understanding.

One method is to identify what you do not want and then, working backwards, learn to identify what you do want. For instance, if you are currently in the large amount of debt and want to be able to pay your bills, you may think you’re burning desire is “to be able to pay the bills”. But in essence you are actually focusing on your bills and will never have more money than it takes to pay the bills.

What if instead you adjust your thinking so that you know you want to pay the bills but you also want to purchase a new car and you would love to be able to take your family on a one-week vacation. All of these things require financial freedom. Good financial planning advocates that you do not go on that one-week vacation until the majority of your debt is paid off. So instead of believing that your motivating factor is to get out of debt you now know that it is truly to be financially free.

However, while to be financially free may be the ultimate goal, it is not your burning desire. Your burning desire is what motivates you to move towards your ultimate goal. In some cases your burning desire may be to gain the accolades of your family or approval of your parents. In other cases you may be motivated by the debt collector who is calling every week.

Only you know what can motivate you to take ACTION and it requires action in order to achieve your goals. Within the movie “The Secret”, personal development specialists talked about the power of the brain, if you can believe that you will achieve it! A part of achieving goals which they left out was the action you must take in order to see success. It begins by believing that you can achieve but it only comes to fruition to those who take a step in faith and take action.

Your burning desire will be your personal motivating factor. It will be your personal fire that burns within you and helps you stay the course when your favorite television show is on, your vendor doesn’t deliver what you ordered or your subcontractor wrote a bad check. Whenever that challenge or obstacle you will require a strong reason why in order to overcome it.

Don’t wait! Go out today and discover for yourself what will motivates you, what your burning desire is, what you want to achieve! Without this knowledge you will continue to wallow in a pool of self-pity and watch everyone else around you achieve their goals and enjoy success. Without this knowledge you are traveling through life without a road map. You have no idea where you’re going or where you want to end up. We have only one life to live. We are given only one period in time in which to enjoy our successes and meet our challenges. Take advantage of this and live it to its fullest.