Overcoming Fear and Doubt

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Once you have identified your goals and objectives or your burning desire, many individuals are overcome by fear and doubt. For centuries fear and doubt have been the bane of many who believe they could become successful if it were only possible to ignore that tiny voice in their head that told them they couldn’t. And because this is an overwhelming problem for many people, there are also many different solutions to the problem.

If you look online you will find people who will talk about helping you overcome your fear and doubt through a variety of techniques. But truly, the only way for you to overcome your own doubt and fear is through a technique that you find to be appropriate and successful and not one that is jammed down your throat. Let’s look at some of the different ways in which you can achieve success while acknowledging the fear you may have of either achieving success or becoming a failure.

Some personal development experts believe that once you have identified your goal you must use them to help motivate yourself in the achievement of them. For instance, you could keep a journal of the things you want to do to reach her goal and develop positive statements which you can use to strengthen your resolve. Using this technique you generally power over your fear that you have about success or failure but do not address the reasons behind it.

Sadly, you are not going to be the only person who is going to try to deter you from your lifetime dreams. There will be others, such as friends, relatives, college professors and the media. Many times these well-meaning friends and relatives are speaking out of ignorance of the situation or the desire to save you from yourself. Avoid people who continue to be negative about your desire to achieve your goals and instead focus on developing relationships with individuals who are positive and tried to help you along the way.

Another sure fire way of creating doubt and fear in yourself is negative self talk. Watch what you say to yourself every single day. If your goal is to lose weight but you continually say things like, “I’ve always been fat and I’ll never lose weight” you are likely to find it is a self fulfilling prophecy. In other words, you really won’t lose weight. Negative self talk will plant seeds of uncertainty and encourage anxiety. Watch what it is you say to yourself and stop it before you continue. You cannot completely stop negative self talk but you can stop it from continuing when you catch it. It’s a simple approach but can go a long way towards helping your dreams become a reality.

Another way to address your fears and self-doubt is by admitting that they exist. Without admitting that you are fearful of either success or failure in trying to identify the source of that fear you will really never overcome but will rather power through it or travel around it. But that fear will remain. Write down how these fears have affected your life in the past and how you may decide that they will not affect your life in the future.

Many individuals also find great help from reading books that are motivational, watching movies or listening to tapes. These movies, books or tapes do not have to be nonfiction. In fact, one of the best fictional stories that creates motivation and the belief in yourself is the first ‘Rocky’ movie. Another nonfiction movie “Rudy” is motivational and helps many people to overcome their obstacles.

Fear and doubt are really a vicious cycle. We hear metaphors and similes in our life from the time we are young and it defines how we feel about money, relationships, education and life in general. Many of the messages we take away and internalize come from our peers, family and bullies. And, these messages may turn us into bullies, troublemakers and unsuccessful.

The only way to face our fears and truly overcome them is to want to do it from a gut level. You have to learn how to change your attitude about yourself through different support mechanisms and by consciously turning destructive self talk into constructive self talk.

Another option for individuals who wish to face their fears and turn them around is the use of emotional freedom technique. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) has been found to work where other things cannot. Individuals have used these techniques to lose weight, improve their earning potential, get their promotion or address their fears and phobias. EFT is an emotional and needle free version of acupuncture. This discovery was based on the connection between your emotions, your health and the Meridian pathways which Chinese medicine physicians have been using for centuries. It has been successful in thousands of cases and, best of all, can be learned by anyone and can be done at home. (1)

Using one, several or all of these techniques, depending upon your individual needs and desires, you should be able to face your fears and live them down. It is important for your future success that you identify why you have not been successful, the fears which have held you back and how you can improve your chances of living a successful life.